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It´s Wednesday again and I am going to provide you, as usual, with another dose of adrenaline. As you may have observed, my articles get baked on a Wednesday. So here I am with another hot recipe for your success.

Today we are going to cover several small steps that will very possibly make a big difference in your daily life, the way you feel, live and the way you achieve your goals. Remember – there is no such thing as a small goal. If it makes you sweat or makes your heart beat, it must be a good one.


Now is the moment for a small disclaimer. The advice I am going to share with you here after are my personal findings. I am not a doctor nor a practitioner so I didn’t study them. I didn’t read 10 articles to summarize it, you can do that on your own. I didn’t pay anyone to write it for me as many do out there. But I did research for myself and tried all these things on my own. So they may or may not work for you. They did work for me though which is a good reason to share them with you.
They are not numbered. I’m getting a bit pissed off with all these articles with ordered steps to take them in a linear way. You do NOT have to follow them in any particular order. Simply take what you like and play with them. I shall me happy to know the result after. So don’t forget to write a line to let me know I have managed to help you no matter how little the change. That will make me enormously happy.


Enjoy life. Smile, take every minute as a gift. You never know how many minutes you have left. So take every moment as a chance to do something new, complete a wish. With other words DO WHAT PLEASES YOU. Do not leave a word unsaid or did undone. This will help you feel complete and satisfied.


Whenever you see a poor person or animal even if you can’t help, well you always can but you might not feel like or may not believe yet or it might not be your battle right now, no matter what the reason is you say yourself you can’t help, but do one thing which won’t cost you a cent: think something nice of that person, send them love, whish them luck or good recovery. Be compassionate and even if you don´t dare to talk to them simply smile or look at them with understanding eyes.


We often find ourselves thinking bad things about us. Being over critical will not help you. So don’t be hard on yourself, be understanding, look for the reason things didn’t happen and give yourself another chance.

Even more, love yourself! Praise the advancement you are making and reward yourself with small gifts while sometimes “a pat” on the shoulder will be enough. Then smile, as you are going to know nothing can stop you.


How many times did you read that slogan but you never managed to do so? No, it´s not another nice wish. This time I am going to explain exactly how to do so. Whenever any negative thought comes to your mind, immediately chose to think of another positive one. It may or may not be related to the first one. The importance is to keep the good vibe and do not let yourself drown.

So, let me put an example. You wake up in the morning thinking of going to the beach but it starts raining. The negative thought would be: “What a bad luck, all my plans for the day go to …. ” Now, the moment you find yourself thinking so, let your brain come up with another positive thought about the same thing like that one: “Great! My plants in the garden will get some water and I do not have to think of watering them during the whole week!”


Perfecting and manifesting are two processes that may work in opposite directions. Perfection feels super but when we get to perfect perfecting we might not manage to finish anything. And this is the catch you should try not to fall in.

Whenever working on a problem or deciding to do something, do not let your thoughts of imperfection stop you. There is nothing more perfect than saying a thing at its perfect time, or manifesting a decision when the world needs it, even if it looks imperfect.


Whenever you want to achieve something, do not sabotage yourself by putting unreal goals. You know who you are, what are your abilities and what are you able to achieve. Be careful with the timing as well. Give yourself enough time: not too much nor too little but demand a high level of completion. Whatever the goal you´ve propose yourself to achieve you MUST be achieving it every week, with no exceptions.

Goals vary from person to person. It may be 7 times a week for 2 hours in the gym for someone and 3 times half an hour for another. Do not compare yourself to anyone. Let the goal stretch your limits but do not stress them! So lets say you are going to the gym twice a week and you know you can easily go 3-4 times even 5 times if you decide. Choose 4 but maintain them in time. And do those 4 times every week for several months. Results won´t take long!

This is all for now, guys! Try these simple tips, then get back to me with your feedback.

I shall get in touch with you very soon!

Have a wonderful week!

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