Hello fellows!

Success is close! Your coach has arrived and you will be saved just in a few minutes. So, relax and enjoy the reading! This time, me and you – we are going to make it happen!

There are times in life when we get stuck. It could be due to outside circumstances, doubts about our possibilities or worth, a tough issue which after some time transforms into an unsolvable problem…

So what to do? How to react?


First thing: get clear about the issue, describe it, feel it. In case of a goal, imagine exactly what you want. Make sure this is not what your parents think you should do or the society commands but has to do with your inner purpose or it is simply your personal decision.


Make sure you, your soul and both parts of your brain want it. Pay special attention to this step as it is a very tricky moment and it is where sabotage happens. Decisions are made on different levels: conscious, subconscious and supraconcious. These three levels have to be aligned in order for our whole being to be working in the same direction. So let your mind weigh the pluses and the minuses, then talk to your heart. It might very well happen that they are not on the same opinion. A consensus has to be reached before going further.



See it clearly, imagine it in detail. Imply your senses, try to feel the taste or the smell, feel the breeze or the sun in your face. You can even allow yourself to feel the lack of it, this sensation of missing it which will make you want it more.


A good action plan is crucial. Once you’ve let your soul dream and have decided on what heights to conquer, it is time to let your mind come up with a plan. Some simple steps to follow and timing is all you need to decide on.


Simple problems usually need simple solutions but a big problem will need a more complex solution and this is another point people usually get stuck at. They start, then get overwhelmed and leave the project. Divide the big problem in smaller pieces, then start resolving them one by one.


Promise yourself to make one action, a first little step for the implementation of your plan. It could be call a lawyer, surf the internet for information or write an email. Anything that will get you rolling and put you on your way. It is very important to be an almost immediate action and if it can’t be performed at that very moment put a deadline: let’s say until next morning 10 o’clock.


A promise is a good thing but a reward is the perfect motivator. You shall have to look for a good reward for the first effort you are going to make. No matter how little it looks, sometimes it is the hardest to complete. You know yourself better and know what will look attractive for you: a book, a massage or a pair of new shoes 🙂

I used that technique months ago and you won’t believe what my reward was. I choose to keep it secret until the next time. You will be definitely mindblown!

So that’s all for now, fellows. Follow the steps, do the homework and you will tell me within several days how has it been. And I may very well surprise you with more easy steps to help you with anything. Because your success is my reward, let me know your news!

Your coach is near. Don’t give up! The show is about to begin!

Diana Christova

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