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Another week, another blog!

Today I chose to tell you about something I find very interesting and therefore I would like to pay special attention to it. I’m going to share my experiences and opinion on how to react to what is happening in our life.

Japanese people say the difference between what we want to be and what we are is the main reason for our diseases.

And I totally agree, especially when the situation gets chronic and we constantly live a reality we don’t want to be part of.

This could be any situation: a boy whose parents stopped him from going to the art school in order to study for a lawyer. He might be a fairly good lawyer but he would always stop by a gallery and would read every news about a new exhibition. He would even draw in his agenda while his clients are thinking he is taking notes on their words. And well, he might very well hate his job as it has been imposed by or undertaken in order to keep his parents happy. So big difference between what we want and what we do can make us really sick.

But what about little things that do not go to our plan in our day-to-day? Is it the same?

There is a saying: “Life is what happens to us while we are making plans.”

And we smile as it tends to happen a lot, doesn´t it? You may plan an intimate evening with your partner but your best friend will call an hour before upset as she has had a quarrel with her boyfriend and she desperately needs you right now. And if you are a good friend you will probably go to meet her and text your partner: “Dinner is in the oven, I shall be a bit late…”

So how shall we tackle with these little small frustrations?

I remember when I was little anything that didn´t go to my plan used to make me very angry. I didn´t fell on the floor crying but I used to feel unpleasantly surprised and when it didn’t go by my plan at all – really disappointed. I would expect that the world would do what I wanted as a good girl expecting an excellent note, but life kept on doing as it pleased. I would stay upset sometimes for hours and let it even ruin my day. I suppose this is the reaction of a baby expecting to receive what she wants or starts crying.

Years passed by and I understood that no one was going to help me even if I cried, even if I felt bad about it, even if I spent my life waiting.

Having learnt the hard way I started looking for solutions. Whenever something didn’t go to my plan I would immediately start drawing an alternative plan B, and plan C in case the previous failed. I was pleasantly surprised it worked and decreased the level of stress on me, made me lose less time and in general kept me in a good mood and positive. Later I would call this disclosure the easy-going predisposition which in Spanish would sound like that “la predisposicion desenfadada”. My aim was to do what it takes in order not to feel angry and lose time.

Keep a positive attitude on anything that happens to you and you will achieve a better state of mind.

Have a great week and weekend and I shall catch you soon.

Diana Christova

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