My name is Diana Christova. I am a human, animal lover, and a digital marketing entrepreneur passionate about what I do and hopeful about the future, my and that of many other people whose lives I touch on my journey. The transformation of our world begins with the empowering of normal people like you and me.

Like most people, I enjoy listening to music and staying in form so I often hit the gym. I love blogging and I simply adore writing quotes, high-quality wisdom concentrated in a few words is more than fascinating.

I used to be a compassionate but frustrated person, especially in my late 30s, struggling to make a living on part-time jobs. No matter how many languages I spoke or how many things I mastered at my job, the resources were getting more and more scarce. Until there came a day when I said to myself: I’ve had enough! And I started looking for an alternative.

The fact that I am here means I found it. I came across these guys from SFM  through an ad with Stuart, the handsome man at the bottom of this page. So I was watching these spiritual stuff videos on youtube and he would pop up with his nice shirt and charming smile talking about business, in the middle of my meditation. You can imagine was desperately looking to install Adblock. Good, I didn’t. To cut the long story short, it took me a while before I enrolled in his and his partner Jay Kubassek’s educational online programme.

These guys helped me evaluate the situation, decide on what was important in my life, dream big, make a plan, and use the necessary tools on my way of transformation.

But all that wouldn’t have happened without me making that decision to get on board, take the hand I’ve been extended, and believe in the process.

So if you’ve had enough of frustrations, take a breath because you are most probably in the right place!

Should you wish to learn more about the online academy I study in, simply click on the image below and enroll for the free webinar. That may be the most important decision you have ever made in your life 😉

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