Focus on your goals.

There may be lots of great things to complete coming to your way but don’t let yourself get distracted though be present in every moment observing new opportunities coming your way or a better way of doing a thing. Find the balance between following your way correcting the direction.

Imagine deciding to go to another city. The first thing you would do is to getting yourself well informed about the destination and know clearly why do you want to get there. Next, you look for information on the traffic, how long will it take and finally decide on the best route to follow.

Once having all this sorted out you jump up on your car/bicycle/motorbike or take a shared/public transport. Let’s take that the first way is the one of an entrepreneur and the second someone who works for a company or has stepped into a partnership.

Be Present

An entrepreneur even knowing the way ahead would not leave their vehicle on autopilot so staying completely concentrated on our plan is not enough. There will be new circumstances on the road we will have to take care of. We might need to slow down not to collide with a car, escape road imperfections. There might even be construction works or a tornado that would make us reroute, or we might even consider a new opportunity once on the new road.


Who’s on board?

Should you choose to take the public transport could appear to be the more reliant option. You might have to walk part of the way but it usually gives you more security, unless there is a strike or an accident. And you might need to switch between transports.

There is not a correct way. It generally depends on the level of freedom you want to have and risk you are willing to take. Everyone wants to be free – you will say – but some people yearn it more than others or may be simply more determined.


Pay attention now as it is the trickiest part. A great plan and a most wise person could be tricked up if not making the right priorities. You should be very clear as per what are the most important things you should be doing and the time you need to complete them. You might want to divide the time in periods: days, hours, months and make sure your timing is right so you don’t sabotage yourself with an impossible sprint in the end.

So let’s sum it up, guys: stay focused and while being present and don’t forget your priorities! What’s in stock is your future!

I hope these tips will make your life easier. So jump on the road and start designing your life!


Your brand – new friend,

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