So it happened again. You didn’t do it. You feel bad as you were supposed to. You promised yourself you would try harder this time. But it didn’t happen somehow. You failed, failed again. You feel bad about it as it is not the first time you promise something to yourself that you simply do not do.

Does it sound familiar? Have you been in this situation? You most probably have. And me certainly too.

And it doesn’t only happen with our decisions. What about all our great ideas that once occurred to us and the day after we already doubted they were so good? Was it courage, faith or discipline that didn’t allow us to follow them?

What happened to the answer of the question: “What are you gonna be when you grow up?” Are we still persuing the vocations we told our teachers we would?

What happened to our dreams, for God’s sake? Did we manage to burry them deep enough as if they never existed?

Did we become the people we wanted to be? Do we still have the values of the innocent child we used to be? Did we change the world as once, very long ago we promised ourselves to do so?

Maybe some of us – on the inside, still struggling to give it an outer shape. Others on the outside doing the things they wanted to, currently trying to convince themselves this is what they wanted and there is nothing to add to it while their hearts are still having the sensation of a missing purpose.

Why do we sabotage ourselves? Why does sometimes look as if there are two of us thinking and acting in opposite directions? Who do we blame for our average to miserable success?

Why do we sabotage ourselves



The spiritual leader, Marianne Williamson once said: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

So do we fear ourselves? Are we scared of our greatness? What if we were really that powerful? Would it make us too responsible for our misery? Are we able to look us in the mirror and ask responsibilities from that person who is in charge of our happiness?


Doctors’ favourite argument. Several years ago it was smoking 🙂 Nowadays stress is the root of basically all the pains, starting from the lack of hair and ending with depression.

But it is real! This is the experience which would paralise our nervous system and make us feel helpless and stuck. Most of the time it is the consequence of fear.


The biggest lesson I learnt from my math teacher didn’t have anything to do with maths. Before a test I asked him if I could do it the next time instead as I didn’t feel quite prepared. He looked at me understandingly and answered: “Diana, yes, you can but have in mind that every delay brings with it complications.”


Most of the times we simply do not know what we want. Otherwise we would get out of the armchair and do it! We would probably envy every person with a proposal in their lives as if they were having a treause unreachable for us. That’s it – they know exactly what they want!

I even did a webinar on discovering my dream career. They were offering results in 3 months or your money back. By results I mean coming up with an idea of what to do in life. The earlybird was some $1300 and there were a bunch of spreadsheets to fill in and homeworks to do. I bet some of you are already googling it. So yes, a clear idea is not always so easy to come up with.


This sign is usually seen in women but it could be observed in men too. “Shall I buy the white dress or the blue one? The blue or the white? I love them both! The white will go with my new shoes but the blue I can go clubbing with tonight, it is simply cool!” Twenty minutes later – going out of the shop with neither, or…. having bought both!

Like in the case of my favourite marketer Stuart Ross who when in doubt of which car to choose, the one with the fixed roof or the convertible – bought them two! Should you feel the urge to know his story, more about him here.


Have you observed that intelligent people are not necessarily having better jobs. I’ve encountered lots of entrepreneurs with not very high IQ. And the reason I came up with wa is that their success is because of their linearity. They are perservant, following a strait line an intelligent person once marked for them. Not knowing sometimes is a real bliss. An intelligent person would see far through, detect the possible problems at a distance and picture them already they were happening. So intelligence can very well open the eyes of fear which is very mighty at paralising.

Why do we sabotage ourselves

So what is stopping you from greatness? Can you truck the reason which is true for you? Detecting the weed is without a doubt the key. Finding the reason is half of the solution. Let me know what is yours.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by any of the reasons above, stay tuned or simply subscribe as I shall be discussing possible solutions in my next article.


See you sooner than you are expecting!

Love life, life has always loved you!

Your brandnew friend,


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