Some of you may already know me from Twitter (yes, I’m an old twitter bird with nearly 2000 quality followers), others may have seen me on Facebook (really? I’m not a FB animal but I’m just doing fine) and I suppose no one has detected me on Instagram (it took me ages to open an account as I believed until recently it was only for egocentric people taking pictures of themselves and showing off, so yes, I am a total newbie with 0 posts and 4 followers, still trying to figure out where is the share button 😅 but I may very well surprise you in the near future).

The important thing here is that this is my first article and I want to enjoy this experience to the top! Hilarious! Not to do with Hillary though (a 50% drop in audience… drums). No, I’m not talking about politics, it was just a word play, so stay focused. I promise it won’t hurt and I’ll try to keep it short and entertaining. (This is the first promise I do to strangers. See for yourself if I keep it.)
I’ve tried to watch a couple of long tutorials on writing blogs. I say I tried because I was falling asleep before the end of the video, a bit boring for my impatient spirit. And don’t get me wrong, there is a plenty of good stuff out there to help with this new venture but you know guys, I’m a total rebel, I don’t like being told what to do, so don’t expect me to follow all the advice. (Where was that grammar check tool..? Anyway. I might find it by my twentieth article ).
What I did pay attention to were the opinions of harddrive internet marketers on blogging. Nearly all of them coincided on it being a waste of time and effort, that it was only for struggling amateurs who would never ever sell anything in their life. And those who were pro-blogging were frankly not so famous, or not so sure about the impact blogging would make into the bank account. So you know what? These guys simply convinced me! I realised I met the requirements:
  • I’m not a marketer driven by numbers only, I put my heart in it.
  • I have things to share that will eventually solve someone’s problem. I enjoy helping!
  • I have always topics to talk about as I’m this type of people to whom things keep happening​
  • I’m fun to be around, this is one of the reasons ( I hope not the only one) my friends keep being my friends as I’m always ready for a laugh, silly jokes and black humour are my specialty
  • I don’t mind being an amateur writer, I simply don’t care about being famous besides my friends’ circle
  • And the last but not least I started realising I’m loving it!
So these are my 6 reasons to start blogging. What about yours? I will be happy to learn more about you and what made you share your thoughts in a blog or what is keeping you from doing it. So feel free to stop by and write a comment. This is the beginning of our long-term friendship after all. 😊
Love life! Life has always loved you <3
With blogging love,
Your new friend Diana


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